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5 Years in Stealth
2018 Market Launch

Kardian is a start-up born out of 5 years of R&D in IR-UWB Radar technology that focuses on contactless and wireless health monitoring.

How It All Begin

It was back in 2011 when the engineering journals and research facilities around the world started to talk about the possibilities of IR-UWB RADAR. However, it was “possibilities” based on concept theories which discouraged many corporations from investing into the development of the radar. This created an opportunity – Dr. James, Sung Ho, Cho, former dean of Electrical Engineering from Hanyang University of South Korea decided to take on the challenge.

It was difficult and it was extremely costly. The original versions of the radar cost over $15,000 units each. Over the past 5 years, Dr. Cho led a group of highly skilled and 15 talented group of Embedded Radar Communications & Signal processing engineers to fine-tune the “possibilities”.

By 2014, the team had a major breakthrough in the accuracy of its health vital detection and monitoring technology and it begin working hand in hand with medical doctors from Hanyang University Medical Hospital. Sleep Apnea specialists, Cardiology specialists and even Infant (Prenatal) Specialist doctors joined in. 2017 began the creation of KARDIAN Inc., a US S-corp start-up with R&D labs located in South Korea. Dr.. James, Sung Ho, Cho is a co-founder of Kardian and serves the company as CTO.