Resting Heart Rate and Breathing Rate DetectionWithout Wearables or Wires

Resting Heart Rate and Breathing Rate DetectionWithout Wearables or Wires

Kardian's heart rate detection performance rates at 88% ~ 98% and breathing rate at 84% ~ 98% compared to medical equipment - Nihon Kohden BSM 6701K

Easy to Install

KARDIAN can be used on a nightstand with Wi-Fi connection for homes and it can also be installed on the walls or ceiling of hospitals and nursing homes with simple wiring.

High Accuracy

Compared to a medical equipment Nihon Kohden BSM 6701K, Kardian was able to repeatedly achieve 88%~98% heart rate detection and 94%~98% or higher breathing rate detection.

Maintenance Free

Kardian devices are not affetected by dirt, dust, light or temperature. There is no physical maintenance to worry about. There is also no need to replace any parts unlike pressure pad based systems.


RHR & BR Features by Kardian

Tested Against Medical Equipment

Tested Against Medical Equipment

Nihon Kohden BSM 6701K is a medical equipment used by hospitals around the world to monitor the patients vitals – including heart rate and breathing rate. Kardian has achieved 88%~98% accuracy in heart rate monitoring as compared to Nihon Kohden while achieving 94%~98% accuracy in breathing rate monitoring.

5 & 3

5 & 3

Kardian is the result of 5 years of research and development from Hanyang University’s Radar Engineering lab. Furthermore, since 2014, Kardian’s engineering team has been working hand in hand with medical professionals – including sleep apnea and cardiology specialists to fine tune the technology to medical grade standards.

Patented Technology

Patented Technology

6 registered patents (since 2015) including Method and Device for measuring Biometric Data using UWB Radar (10-1777000) as well as 9 patents pending (3 PCT filed) including Heartbeat Estimation through IR-UWB radar (US 14/748,061)

Nihon Kohden BSM 6701K


67 BPM


65 BPM




Kardian’s heart rate detection performance rates at 88%~98% and breathing rate at 94%~98% compared to medical equipment – Nihon Kohden BSM 6701K.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Resting Heart Rate

Monitoring your heart rate during sleep (resting heart rate) can provide critical information about your health. Recent studies suggest that a resting heart rate of 76 BPM or higher may be linked to higher risk of heart attack. Furthermore, sudden, unexplained episodes of rapid, irregular heartbeat and pulse can predate a heart attack by weeks or months. (Source)

Read further: Increase in resting heart rate is a signal worth watching (Harvard Health Publications)


Actual Test Results

Since 2014, Kardian collaborated with Hanyang Medical University Hospital to fine tune and calibrate RHR / BR detection system using IR-UWB RADAR. Below are some of the actual test results from such research.